Scary idea



If the elites decide to build an army of weaponized drones to turn proletarians into serfs by force (ala Elysiun), just detonate a tactical nuke in the air and watch their drones fall badly damaged by the EMP pulse.

Space, not air.  In th air it would still create massive nuclear fallout.  Also, the corporate offices would be vulnerable to direct assault, and drone control transmissions can be jammed, or simply taking out the drone control towers themselves.

Who says there will be control towers? Most probably an army of drones would constitute a decentralized peer-to-peer network in which each one becomes a transmission node by itself and can be replaced if damaged, also having a certain degree of automated action in case of total disruption of communications. In that case, the most viable option is an EMP pulse and the only known reliable way to generate such pulse is a nuke. I’m not sure if people reduced to serfdom would be able BOTH to build a tactical nuke AND build a vehicle capable to launching it into space. Historically feudal regimes tend to enact strong laws against weapon possession (i.e. Japan against Okinawa island)

Scary idea

If the elites decide to build an army of weaponized drones to turn proletarians into serfs by force (ala Elysiun), just detonate a tactical nuke in the air and watch their drones fall badly damaged by the EMP pulse.

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I just want to see how many people would be in favor of me having a trans main char for my independent game I’m designing for a competition.

On Eich.


Reducing the Eich sitaution to an argument about “seeing things from a point of view” is rather facile.

The man actively contributed to an action that removed a (previously granted) set of rights / privileges from a certain group of people.

He was appointed to a leadership position of an organisation that has an enormous presence in a community with a well-established standard for expectations of equality.

That community rallied and made their voice clear: “This behavior is unacceptable from a leader in our community.”

Rather than engaging with the community to build a bridge and address their concerns, Eich chose to step down.

Eich was not “bullied out of a job.”

This is not a case of being an innocent victim of an uncommonly held opinion. This is a case of a community not tolerating the actions of one of its appointed leaders.

If you will be consequent with your argument, then deactivate please JavaScript from all your web browsers. Brendan Eich was the creator of JavaScript. Diverse marriage is already a viral meme (in the Dawsonian sense). It won’t be sensibly held back by some dollars. It will avalanche forward as other revolutionary ideas. Even if Eich was personally opposed to diverse marriage, he is a vehement advocate of Internet freedom, that in a world under constant surveillance has at least the same importance as minority rights. He always kept his personal beliefs at bay and separated from Mozilla.

So now you social justice warriors are in the role of inquisitors, bullying a prominent technologist with sound contributions to the cause of freedom because of a decision taken many years ago that was mostly inconsequential. Truly outrageous, almost Orwellian.

Seems that SJWs doesn’t really want change but scapegoats.

Another politically incorrect rant.

Whats gone wrong with democracy According to this article, democracies are too vulnerable to populism and corruption, while the Chinese model is thriving and increasing the living standard of their country. But thinking outside of the box… who would really trust a government system that converts election of the representatives of a whole country, a matter of popularity and likeability? It wasn’t evident the failure of democracy as a system? Even Greeks considered it an inferior form of government. Just yesterday talking with work mates we were realizing the good piece of engineering that the VW Beetle was. Cars used to be a luxury article. Common people wasn’t expected to have a car. Amongst the good things implemented by Adolf Hitler was the design of the Car of the People, the Volkswagen that later would be known as the Beetle. I’m not a neonazi neither I do condone the subsequent genocide of at least 6 million Jews, Polish, Romani, gays and other people deemed ‘undesirable’ under his command, but my point is, when someone has a vision, and that vision is unobstructed by the popularity contest that Democracy is, things can get done easier and are reflected in increase of the living standard and access to goods otherwise reserved to the upper classes.

On videogame criticism…

Where do we draw the line between those who feel self-entitled enough to yell and dictate and even threaten the creatives behind their favorite IPs for not doing what they feel is ‘the right thing’ and the knowledgeable game critic? Aren’t those both cases of a consumer gone haywire and trying to force the modification of the creation thru fear (in the case of the former) or social / moral pressure (in the case of the latter)?

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As expected…

Tumblr ‘sanitized’ its posts… Entire tags were deleted, as an example the tag #scarlet blade (referring to an infamous adult MMORPG) was deleted in its entirety from Tumblr. What else have been deleted?

Cosmic Break… I don’t love you anymore…

I loved this game, but now I realize that its a giant pay-to-win scam… Even if the gameplay had many good points, the monetization system is too greedy and based on rolling and rolling the ‘garapon’ till you get what you want. Gamble-to-win.